Biophilic Essence mood board with hanging plants and tree trunks.

Biophilic Essence

This trends brings the vitality of the great outdoors into your interior design, creating a refreshing and uplifting ambience.

Where Nature's Serenity Meets Architecture and Interior Design

From peaceful origins come the natural elements that are the building blocks of the Biophilic Essence trend of design.  Quietly stirring into a crescendo of emotion, our inner presence responds to the majesty of awe-inspiring visuals such as marble, crystals, gold, silver, light, and shadow.

An all-encompassing feeling of the movement of wind through a space using visuals that flow, rise, and fall is just one hallmark of how the design trend of Biophilic Essence employs the innate connection between man and nature to gift us with an uplifting experience.  The natural materials used in a space may include tranquil water, flowing mineral streaks, majestic marble designs as well as the power and steadfastness of slate, granite, or agglomerated stone.

The power of Biophilic Essence elements in a space are many times tempered with the visual delicacies also offered by nature such as the softness of flower petals, the breeziness of bright yellow pollen dotting a surface, or the artistry of colorful butterfly wings.

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