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Create beautiful and unique spaces that reflect your inner dreams, hopes, and personality with American Olean’s 2024 Trend Report.

The spaces in which we live, work, and play need to inspire, energize, and motivate us. This report provides a glimpse into the hottest looks in interior design, on-trend colors, and the latest in tile. Get inspired and surround yourself with spaces that help you live your best life each day.

Coastal Retreat

Designing a space to achieve both sanctuary and reinvigoration is the overarching goal of Coastal Retreat. Spa like atmospheres, Bohemian accents, dry-touch design, and Mediterranean aesthetics all make up this trend.

Quiet Luxury

The trend of Quiet Luxury is focused on fusing tranquility with a type of elegance that is tastefully understated, never ostentatious. This specific type of tranquility is created by expertly harmonizing clean lines, pure design, and smooth earthy tones with carefully curated furniture pieces, subtle accent details, and rounded edges.

Modern Rurality

The coziness of a warm indoor retreat amidst a rural winter’s day perfectly describes the trend of Modern Rurality. The design intention of this trend is grounded in the authenticity of natural elements: a wooden backdrop, hand-woven fabrics, heritage-inspired and simple country objects as well as aged metals such as a rusty brass faucet.

Retro Revisited

Holding on to tried-and-true classics while still striking out in unique personal expression defines the Retro Revisited trend of interior design. This trend allows incorporating the best interior design from the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s into today’s spaces. Letting the chosen elements from an era stand alone in a space or mixing them harmoniously into a contemporary aesthetic melting pot.

Biophilic Essence

Delightful, romantic, and awe-inspiring, the elements of Biophilic Essence range from flowing mineral streaks and majestic marble designs to delicacies also offered by nature in the softness of flower petals or the artistry of butterfly wings. Using man’s connection to natural elements can many times infuse us with unexpected feelings of happiness.

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