Seize the Day Trend


The trend of Seize The Day is all about living every moment of your life authentically, appreciating each day and opportunity. Seize The Day also melds in the individual’s quest to connect in a calm way with foundational elements such as the clay of the earth and the hand-crafted beauty of materials made in simpler, even primitive times. This trend is heavily influenced by the clay of the earth and the dry touch of the deserts as well as Modern Mediterranean and Southwestern Boho styles. Seize The Day’s color palette features off-white, beige, sand, cream, light browns, and terracotta. Being authentic, calm, unpretentious, and getting back to the basics are hallmarks of Seize The Day. The trend of Seize The Day has bloomed out of the prolonged periods of isolation and the emotional consequences of the recent years, resulting in a renewed appreciation for life, which is especially true for young generations. As a result, there is an openness to new possibilities, a greater sense of personal strength, a stronger sense of spirituality, and a will for deeper connections and interaction with the natural world.


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