Uncommon Canvas

Uncommon Canvas

Get artistic with tile!

Design unique works of art and make already one-of-a-kind pieces more fascinating with tile. Uncommon Canvas is a fun, creative and unconventional way to create personal pieces that express your individual style. From abstract designs to portraits, art is re-imagined through Uncommon Canvas.

Four ways to create your tile masterpiece.  For more details contact your AO Dealer.

Whole Tile

Whole tile

Whole tile allows you to create amazing graphics with a realistic dimension on large surface areas. When combined with straight cuts, we can create a skillfully executed piece of art, complete with dramatic gradation and shading.


How it’s done:

·  Submit original CAD drawing, sketch or rendition of the desired image.

·  AO artists create a computer sketch and match colors.

·  AO generates a rendering or proof for approval.

·  Design is dot-mounted and shipped with installation instructions.




The Waterjet method transforms already beautiful tile art into a spectacular masterpiece. High-pressure water cuts or scores your design on any size or type of ceramic tile, natural stone, metal or plastic, as well as various wood products. For added emphasis, you can integrate other materials including brass, copper, aluminum, and wood. Gradation and precision-cut straight or curved lines further give the illusion of blending color and shape, while adding perspective and realistic dimension to the project.
How it’s done:
·  Submit original CAD drawing, sketch or rendition of the desired image.
·  AO artists create a computer sketch, match the color and generate rendering/proof for approval.
·  Rendering is converted to CAD and programmed into Waterjet.
·  Completed designs are shipped to the customer with installation instructions.
·  Color Complements ™

Borders & Patterns

Borders & Patterns

Enhance a room’s appeal by adding unique borders, patterns, corners and diagonal designs to walls. We can create custom-designed patterns or use standard patterns to make any design. Also, any can be modified to suit your individual needs. The design possibilities are endless.


1" x 1" | 2" x 2" | 1" Hex | Combinations
How it’s done:
·  Create custom patterns using a design worksheet or send us your own original design.
·  AO professionals will generate rendering (with color, upon request) for approval.
·  AO will develop and deliver design upon approval.

Pattern Guide/Tile Patterns

Pattern Guide / Tile Patterns

No matter how you express your creative vision, there is a tile pattern available to help you highlight the most unique elements of your space. Our tile pattern guide offers inspiration, fresh ideas and trendy styles that you can use to achieve your design aspirations.

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