Tender Living trend


The essence of Tender Living is care and well-being. Care for ourselves, others, and the planet.


This trend is focused on creating a safe, relaxing, affirming ambience through interior design — drawing heavily from both nature and human emotional nurturing. Colors represent the greens of the grass, the browns of the earth, the blues of the skies. Inherent in all of the colors is a feeling of regeneration. Surfaces are natural, organic, unrefined, unfinished. Fluted surfaces, organic waves, etched tactility, multi-sensorial attributes make an appearance. Shapes are unpretentious, uncomplicated, rounded, flowing, delicate — in a word: natural. In the language of interior design, Tender Living is a fusion of Biophilic Design and Scandinavian Minimalism bringing to life an Organic Modern style. Present is the affinity for imperfection: Wabi-Sabi design, kintsugi finishing, the variations found in nature. Welcoming, rejuvenating, healing, sheltering — Tender Living breathes new life into an individual’s heart, soul, and body.


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