Essential Luxury Trend


The trend of Essential Luxury is adding a modern twist to traditional elegance. The modern vision of indulgent design is adding in fresh nuances from multi-cultural, Art Deco, and Gothic influences. Velvet, golden finishes, and expensive woods combine with rich jewel-toned colors and sleek finishes to create lavish interiors. Touches from ancient cultures and fine artisan handcrafts are prominent in Essential Luxury.


People are craving spaces and experiences that push imagination to the limit and where they can enjoy moments of indulgence. Essential Luxury delivers this through exotic marble looks blended with animal prints and tribal themes to create lavish and cozy interiors. A Gothic twist is also a prominent design element, but rather than being run down and creepy, this new approach to Gothic is multifaceted. It can be very classy and sleek or contemporary and primitive at the same time. Also present is imagery from pop culture that adds a fun dimension to the elegance of Essential Luxury.


Tile in Trend

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