Elevate Life Trend


Emerging from the challenges of the past two years, we are feeling the need for a double-dose of positivity right about now! Creating spaces that are energizing, exhilarating, happy, and fun pinpoints the essence of the Elevate Life interior design trend. Elevate Life is an invitation to counteract pessimism and the harshness of reality by unleashing our creativity and not taking ourselves too seriously. The color palette of Elevate Life embodies a bold positivity through bright hues of yellow, orange, fuchsia, royal blue, and green. Unconventional shapes like curvy, wavy, elliptical are joined by the elements from the 1960s and '70s including retro patterns such as vibrant starbursts, tie dye reverberations, and magic eye excitement. Elevate Life also folds in exuberant elements from 1980s Maximalism — bold patterns, oversized proportions, multicolor effects, color blocks, patchwork, and cheerful floral motifs.


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