Modern Rurality mood board with rustic charm and cabin-inspired decor.

Modern Rurality

Influenced by the simple beauty of country living, this trend incorporates today's conveniences with our rugged heritage.

Craft A Contemporary Farmhouse Aesthetic

The coziness of a warm indoor retreat amidst a rural winter’s day perfectly describes the trend of Modern Rurality.  The designs of this trend are grounded in the authenticity of natural elements: a wooden backdrop, hand-woven fabrics, heritage-inspired and simple country objects as well as aged metals such as a rusty brass faucet.

The color palette for this trend features saturated hues including a dark mossy green, deep navy, various shades of brown, and a rich maroon.  Although warm, cozy, and comforting with an entrenched focus on immersing ourselves in what is good for us, and preferring country frugality and local hand-crafted pieces to mass produced items, Modern Rurality can also express itself with a contemporary twist.

Infusing the warm, natural materials with industrial elements such as metal, concrete, brick, and glass can give the space a sleek vibe.  Modern Rurality’s long-lasting, homespun, authentic design helps our souls escape from the polycrisis mode of today’s overly digitized and dangerous world.

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