Improving Quality Through Testing

At American Olean, our goal is to not only meet, but consistently exceed industry standards. We use the Tile Council of North America’s AcuTest to determine DCOF (dynamic coefficient of friction). AcuTest assesses product suitability for the commercial environment and other applications where slipping may be a concern.

Measuring Friction

Dynamic coefficient of friction is the measurement of how easily one surface slides—and keeps sliding--against another under different circumstances, such as if there is a liquid, oil, or grease on the surface.

The measurement of DCOF is a new standard. COF was the previous standard. American Olean adopted it immediately because it is the most accurate way to determine a product’s suitability for a commercial environment or other environments.
Here are a few things to remember about DCOF:

DCOF uses a different system of measurement than previous measures. DCOF .42 wet is the new standard for commercial applications whereas .60 wet COF was the previous standard.

The new DCOF test, AcuTest, is more accurate, especially on very smooth surfaces which had a level of error previously.

American Olean is committed to providing the best for our customers. Although standards change, we are committed to adopting the most current benchmarks as technology makes better testing available to keep delivering the best products to you.


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