Coastal Retreat mood board incorporating ocean views and beach vacations.

Coastal Retreat

Inspired by the ocean's ability to both invigorate and impart a sense of peace, this design trend seeks to create an atmosphere of both exhilaration and quietude.

Dive Into Mediterranean Design Style

Coastal Retreat is a design trend focused on fostering pleasant emotions. Although this trend takes shape in several distinct artistic expressions, the formula remains the same: lay out the colors, smells, sounds, materials, and shapes to foster desired emotions, ranging from tranquility to invigoration.

On one end, this trend can create a cocooning experience – a space that feels cozy, protective, soothing. Coastal Retreat can also foster the restorative pleasure of a spa like atmosphere through mindful, holistic design. Coastal Retreat also offers the nautical invigoration of a Mediterranean vibe as well as the dry touch of a Bohemian, desert vibe.

Sunbaked colors of the Mediterranean are coupled with encaustic tiles, early artisan pottery, terracotta, seaside stucco and the design ability to bring the freshness of the seashore indoors. Conversely, rudimentary shapes, organic elements, and raw textures make an elemental connection with the earth, often accented by rope, wicker, cane, and Boho raffia to make a space feel authentic and grounded.

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