Create beautiful and unique spaces that reflect your inner dreams, hopes, and personality with American Olean’s 2023 Trend Report.

The spaces in which we live, work, and play need to inspire, energize, and motivate us. This report provides a glimpse into the hottest looks in interior design, on-trend colors, and the latest in tile.

Get inspired and surround yourself with spaces that help you live your best life each day.


Elevate Life

Emerging from the challenges of the past two years, we are feeling the need for a double-dose of positivity right about now! Creating spaces that are energizing, exhilarating, happy, and fun pinpoints the essence of the Elevate Life interior design trend. The color palette of Elevate Life embodies a bold positivity through bright hues of yellow, orange, fuchsia, royal blue, and green.


The meteoric rise of the digital age has created a growing presence and affinity in our lives for visuals that represent alternative, virtual realities. Glowing lights, sleek metallic visuals, opaque colors, and ethereal undertones combine with futuristic design and the colors of the gaming world to create real-life interior spaces where we can cocoon peacefully.

Seize the Day

The trend of Seize The Day is all about living every moment of your life authentically, appreciating each day and opportunity. Seize The Day also melds in the individual’s quest to connect in a calm way with foundational elements such as the clay of the earth and the hand-crafted beauty of materials made in simpler, even primitive times.

Essential Luxury

The trend of Essential Luxury is adding a modern twist to traditional elegance. The modern vision of indulgent design is adding in fresh nuances from multi-cultural, Art Deco, and Gothic influences. Velvet, golden finishes, and expensive woods combine with rich jewel-tone colors and sleek finishes to create lavish interiors.

Tender Living

The essence of Tender Living is care and well-being. Care for ourselves, others, and the planet. This trend is focused on creating a safe, relaxing, affirming ambience through interior design — drawing heavily from both nature and human emotional nurturing. Colors represent the greens of the grass, the browns of the earth, the blues of the skies.

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